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How to grow Cucamelons……

Cucamelons growing on a trellis: Growing cucamelon vines on a trellis makes it easier to find the fruit when it's time to harvest.



Heloise’s unusual uses for everyday items…..

packing peanuts



Blog post from (in)courage…..Sensitivity is my Superpower….

I have been described as being overly sensitive. Jesus loves me and reveals to me that being sensitive is part of my identity in HIM. It isn’t a character trait to deny but rather one to embrace:)   It is easy for me to put myself in someone else’s situation……empathize. I believe every conversation should be intentional……. whether with a friend or a stranger. I grieve because both my next door neighbors are moving away this month. Why? Well maybe it is because I am sensitive to change but I think it is more so due to the fact that Jesus calls us to be His hands and feet and reach out to our neighbors. In the process of building a friendship with someone you risk being vulnerable in that one day you may have to say “Good-Bye”. The alternative to sensitivity is “tunnel vision” ,numbness, apathy. Sensitivity is my Superpower:)