Growing up in the 1970’s I remember eating Breakfast Squares at my grandma’s house.

Click Americana has an interesting article about this General Mills product…..


Retro packages of General Mills Breakfast Squares




When I was a little girl I loved my ‘bean dolls”.  I can’t remember if they ever lost their beans but I did love them “fiercely”:) The dolls were made by Mattell. Here is some more information on the dolls and some pictures of the ones I owned that I found on Pinterest…..

1973-1975 Mattell Baby Beans doll, 12″ tall, vinyl head, bean bag doll body, talk or non-talk, there were many dolls in this series; Mama doll with baby, Biffy Beans boy doll and others.



Featuring Fisher Price “Two Tune Giant Screen Music Box TV”

As a child I didn’t have one of these toys but I can remember a church nursery had one. Here is more on the history of this musical toy…..




Mattel Sunshine Family Dolls


1974 Mattel Sunshine Family baby Sweets, Steffie, Steve


Fisher Price Milk Wagon




Remember Scratch and Sniff stickers?


Vintage scratch and sniff stickers


I had a large collection of the Honey Hill Bunch dolls ……


HONEY HILL BUNCH. Wow I was really young when I had these ...


Fisher Price Play Family Mini Bus…..



Vintage Hostess Snacks……https://clickamericana.com/topics/food-drink/hostess-fruit-pies-wonder-bread-1961

Vintage Wonder Bread and Hostess Fruit Pies (1966).png


Fisher Price Tuggy Tooter…..



Wonder Horses-spring horse toys from the 50’s to the 80’s…….


Ride on horse toys 1981