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When I was a little girl I loved my ‘bean dolls”.  I can’t remember if they ever lost their beans but I did love them “fiercely”:) The dolls were made by Mattell. Here is some more information on the dolls and some pictures of the ones I owned that I found on Pinterest…..

1973-1975 Mattell Baby Beans doll, 12″ tall, vinyl head, bean bag doll body, talk or non-talk, there were many dolls in this series; Mama doll with baby, Biffy Beans boy doll and others.



Peanut butter, tuna casserole, and chaffle from The Spruce Eats….



“Quotable Quotes”

“Let them revere nothing but religion, morality and liberty.” ~ John Adams

“I am a revolutionary, so my son can be a farmer, so his son can be a poet.” ~ John Adams

“The ten commandments and the sermon on the mount contain my religion.” ~ John Adams

"Mod Coffee Go Go Mojo Mini Vinyl Sticker. Vintage-style sticker printed on premium vinyl. Perfect for decorating kitchen appliances, smartphones, tablets, laptops, car windows, bumpers, luggage, and more. 1.5 x 2 in. Made in the USA. Officially licensed by Anderson Design Group, Inc."